Eczema and baths

Although doctors typically advise against prolonged bath and showers, they do recommend short ones.  In fact, proper bathing is an effective way to treat the symptoms of eczema.  When you take a bath or shower, your body gets much needed moisture.  The key, however, is to lock that moisture in.  That is why the application of skincare creams and lotions are recommended immediately following a bath.

When attempting to lock in moisture following a bath, there are a number of steps you must take.  We are so used to drying off after a shower or bath, but you don’t want to do this.  Instead, use a towel to dab your body.  Remove any water droplets, but don’t wipe your entire body dry.  Remember, you want to have some moisture to lock in.  After lightly using a towel to dry the skin, apply lotion or cream.

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